Ron is one of my oldest friends. Like K-thru-12 old friends. After high school our paths diverged. Forty years go by and we connected on Facebook. In that time he’d lived a rich and interesting life. He had written about his experience, accumulating a number of Facebook posts. “Can we make a book?” he asked me one day. The answer was yes. We looked at 125-150 posts he had made, massaged the language here and there, selected some royalty-free photos, and put each post its own page, 113 pages total. They’re short, sweet, and pithy. They make you think. That’s to be expected. Ron is an introspective guy, alert to the world around him.

He said he needed help with grammar and mechanics. Not that much help! My hunch is that most would-be writers out there are are better than they think they are.

Some samples:

This is a beautiful book, published by KDP publishing. He loves the book, I love the book. It was a privilege to work on it with him.

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