Who doesn’t want to write their life? leave behind some stories, some accounts of what they did, where they went, who they loved, what they loved, and all that happened over the years?

An experienced teacher and editor, Rick Bailey has worked with writers of all ages for decades. Legacy writing–autobiography, memoir, personal essay–provides a person with an opportunity to capture memories and experiences that mattered, to create a written record of a life.

Rick offers mentoring and editing services that help writers get going. He can work with you all the way through to publication. Learn more about Rick here.

Dick Ault: “Rick has been my editor for all my books, including the one I am working on now called Edenville Landing. This time out he has outdone himself. He is helping to make me be a better writer, on every page. Revising can sometimes be tedious work, but this time I am actually finding it inspiring because of his help.

Rachel Rueckert: Even after hiring a copyeditor, I’m so grateful for Rick’s eyes. He spotted all kinds of errors I could fix before publication.

Ron Fritz: “This project would not have been possible and would have remained in my desk drawer if it weren’t for the expertise, encouragement, and imagination of Rick Bailey